Wednesday, August 19

Route #9 This is a great run, but remember even while we are running around LP field, we are still on a street.  If you are new to our group and a little bit nervous about the pace, we have a walk/run group that starts early called the Lasty Nasties.   (Find them on Facebook)   They usually start about 5:45.   The "caboose" of our 6 p.m. group is about 11 minutes per mile (give or take), the front end is usually under 7 minutes per mile.   The bulk of the group runs between 8:30 and 9:30 pace.

See you at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Run #9 LP Field

Being Good Neighbors

week11 - Thankfully Reflecting on Change
Although we all have our own internal clocks for how fast we feel things should improve, it's good to reflect on what has gotten better. Have you seen the new ped/bike protected lanes on Davidson? The longest and first protected in Nashville. The ribbon cutting ceremony was slated for Monday.
Already seen a concert at the Ascend Amphitheater and recall how that was area was no-man's land until a few weeks ago? Walked between there and Rolling Mill hill under the bridge? The sidewalks are a just little wider now.
The stop sign at s14th and Shelby catch you off guard? New sidewalks between Lenore and Davidson on s14th? New striping on Eastland? It's been a while since the bike lanes appeared on s14th in Lockeland Springs; like other improvements, they blend in.
Shelby Park is night and day compared to 10 years ago. The bike/ped trail from s19th and Lillian we often run has already been open a year. The park has many other recent protected bike/ped lanes. A lot of us would vote it's the best park in the city, opening up to over 10 more miles of greenway trails. Did you know there's now a B-Cycle station at the Percy Priest dam terminus? You've seen the land purchases along that route: the old Ravenwood Country Club? Go exploring there. The Stones River Farm? These are in East Nashville's backyard, more than ever a safely connected one.
We're lucky to be in the best place for cyclists and pedestrians in the city. Who will you thank? Use them often, but don't stop thinking about the little stretches that get us to the bigger ones. Later, remind that person or group you're now thanking that we still need more. Become one of those deserving that thanks in the next year.
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