Wednesday, August 12: Hotdogs, Mizunos and Nashville Next

1)  The Route:

Rick's Market - coldest beer in town.  This is one of my favorite runs, just remember we will be running UP the new greenway this week.   And as you are going up said greenway, remember we share that space with cyclists who will be coming DOWN.  So stay alert and keep to the right. We meet at 6pm at 11th & Holly every Wednesday.

Coldest Beer in Town

2) Mizuno

The best way to try a new pair of running shoes is to run in them.   Unfortunately most of us get to run a block or two before we have to decide whether to buy them or not.   Not so this week.  Our friends at NRC have organized a wear test for Mizuno shoes.   That means if you show up to NRC before the run, they will let you run the entire route in a pair of Mizunos.  Obviously there are limited styles and quantities, so if you have ever wanted to try a pair of Mizunos head to NRC as early as 5 p.m.

3) I Dream of Weenie Night

August 12 is our I Dream of Weenie hotdog night!   The first 100 hotdogs will be free (courtesy of our local State Farm rep.)   If you don't know what I'm talking about, read about I Dream of Weenie here... They don't sell beer, but amazingly enough, you can BYOB, as long as you partake in the grassy area outside of the Vanagon.   If you aren't lucky enough to get a free dog, a couple bucks to buy one and join us on the lawn.

4) Being Good Neighbors - Vote

One phrase repeated throughout many election campaigns was bettering neighborhoods. Have  you followed the NashvilleNext process? Filled in your rankings at one of the meetings  over past months/years? Many repeated walkability as a top goal for our neighborhoods.  Years ago a certain running group ran with that, and here we all are, better than ever,  both us and our neighborhood.

Was your voice heard in the election? Will it in the runoff? For what's being relied on  for the Next years of Nashville? It's never to late to find out our history and how to  enact change for the future. There's a lot to learn; find your place. Hold change to the  chosen standards, or see to changing those standards. Is your neighborhood evolving with  or without you?

Below is a link to the Nashville Next document about East Nashville.  It has some fascinating demographic data about our beloved part of the city.   It's not short, but it's a fun read!

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