Wednesday, August 5: Welcome New Nasties, 5k to 10k, Festival Help

Welcome New Nasties For the last 8 weeks, our potato to tomato participants have been braving the heat to become runners.  This week they join us.    This Wednesday, be sure to introduce yourself to at least one of the new Nasties, and then invite them down to NRC for pint night.

5k to 10k

A lot of our couch to 5kers want to keep on going and run a 10k this fall.   This training is open to anyone who can finish a 5k in under 45 minutes.  If you are stuck at 3 miles and are looking for a group to help you break through we would love for you to join us.   Email for more details.

Tomato Festival

First, you need to sign up for the East Tomato 5k, wear your East Nasty gear, and enjoy a late-summer 5k!   Then after your race, come visit our booth for the unveiling of the new East Nasty shirts.  We will be on located on Woodland right outside of 3 Crow Bar.


A Few More Volunteers...

Speaking of Tomato Festival, we could use a few more volunteers for our booth this Saturday.   It's a fun way to experience the festival and meet some new friends!    Consider filling one of the open spots.  Click here.

Also, if you cannot volunteer Saturday, we could use some cup washers.   Sign up here.

Route #7

Little Hollywood.  After mile 2 we will be running on Eastland Ave.  If we run on the left side of the road, there is a section where there is no sidewalk.   So after you pass Rosepepper on Eastland stay far left and single file until you pick up the sidewalk on the other side of the bridge.

#7 Little Hollywood

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