Wednesday, July 29

Tomato Festival Volunteers East Nasty is committed to making East Nashville a great place to live and to run, and to make running accessible to everyone in our community.    On August 8th, both parts of our mission come into play, and we could use your help.

1)   Sign up for the East Tomato 5k.   This is our home race, where we unleash our potato to tomato participants into the running community.  (Our "potato to tomato" program is the East Nasty version of a couch to 5k program.)   So get out there and run along side your friends and neighbors.  And yes - that morning you can run in the middle of the street.

2) Volunteer to help out at our water stop...for the festival.   The tomato festival is hot.   But that doesn't deter 30,000+ people from showing up.  So every year we have a booth right by 3 Crow Bar where we keep 4 coolers of water filled for the festival goers, and sell East Nasty swag.   It's our way of helping the festival out, but it's also our big fund raiser of the year. We need 15 people who are willing to work a 2-hour shift at our booth.  If you've never done it before - it's fun!   A completely unique way to experience the festival.  Grab a friend and sign up here.

Route #6

Wednesday at 6am and 6pm. Corner of 11th & Holly.

I love this route, but want to point out a couple of things:

When you are running up the hill out of the park (right before the 2-mile mark) stay on the right side of the road.

Right after mile 3, you turn left off of Riverside onto Rosebank.  Rosebank is a fairly narrow road, so please run single file.

Oh yes, and the free pizza is THIS week, not last week...I'm almost 100% sure this time.

New Route #6

Being Good Neighbors: Vision Zero

We've talked about how we can actively try to enhance safety with the pedestrian resources we currently have: but sometimes working within the given cannot not have undesired outcomes. Some might call those accidents.
Vision Zero is a campaign supported in other cities that attempts to raise goals to Zero fatalities and serious injuries, and shifting the meaning of an accident outside the realm of vehicles. Infrastructure changes, enforcement, and multi-departmental cooperation are key. Whereas street design gave equal importances to the conflicting objectives of moving vehicles and safety, safety must trump all other concerns. "Accidents" are unacceptable.
Google Vision Zero and see what you learn. Do you have thoughts on first priorities for Nashville making this a reality? Is it possible? What must we lose in order to win?
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