Wednesday, July 15 - Route #4, Fall half marathon training, Being good neighbors, Yazoo + East Tomato 5k

Route #4


6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.  Be courteous of any and all farmer's market goers...

Fall Half Marathons

There are a plethora of October/November half marathons in Nashville this year and we want to help you get prepared...

(1) If you are already fit and ready for long runs, join up with the PR Bandits (an East Nasty splinter group) for Saturday morning long runs this summer and fall.   They run at 6 a.m. (or 6:30) on Saturday mornings, and they change locations.  So check out the PR Bandits Facebook page, or check this blog on Fridays for details.

(2) If not ready for long runs, but want to build up to a half- join our fall half marathon training group.   The training begins on August 1, and all we ask is that you are able to run 5 miles without stopping by that time.    If you want more details, or if you want to join this group - send Alyce Scrivner an email at

Bring Good Neighbors Week 6: Asking questions, noticing problems

In raising the bar on being a good running neighbor, did you notice anything last week that could have been better (other than the heat!)? Were we respecting the different modes of traffic? Looking for bicycles? Allowing for cars to be in the road and not jumping in front of them? Staying on our sidewalks when possible? Asserting our rights in the crosswalks? See any cars that didn't yield while trying to cross?  Did you see the East Nashville facebook thread the next day pointing out some things we should work on?

How about crossing at the bottom of the pedestrian bridge at 3rd: after a long descent, why not a stop sign for cars there? What about the other side of Demonbreun, while heading toward the naked statue? How do they keep a sidewalk closed for months and months? Did you know it only costs $10 a day to close a sidewalk for a block, if it's even enforced? Were the cars looking for you as we circled around the roundabout, or just to their right?

Other questions that pop-up in your head while running? How do we make the transition toward a more pedestrian friendly community? We've got the theoretical support of almost all mayoral candidates: we simply need to push our suggestions and recommendations. Send them our way, or use the feedback links and numbers posted last week. Lets convert questions into issues and actions.

Our "Home" Race

We consider the Tomato 5k our "home" race.    That means every single one of you needs to sign up!   When and how do you ask?   Here are two options: (1) just sign up here or (2) sign up at Yazoo next Thursday and get free beer.* Read below.

"You're invited on Thursday July 23rd at 5:00pm to Yazoo Brewery. Anyone who comes and registers for the Tomato 5k race gets 2 free drinks and we also just want to hang out with YMCA staff, friends, family… whoever! So please stop by and invite everyone you can. It should be a lot of fun and a good chance to take a breather during this crazy summer. If you have any questions, let me know! Hope to see you all there!"

Yazoo Brewery 910 Division St. Nashville, TN 37203

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