Wednesday, July 8: Musica, Report everything & Cup Volunteers

Route #3: Musica This is our one out-and-back route.  A great way to see downtown, but there are lots of downtown intersections.   Please be careful and use crosswalks!

6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville

Route #3

Being Good Neighbors week 5: Report Everything

Hopefully you know by now that we have are running a 12 weeks series on improving the roads in East Nashville.  Specifically we are trying to improve pedestrian safety through education.  As we all learn, we become smarter pedestrians, better drivers, and just a much better running group. So I hope that you continue spending the time that it takes to read these posts, and pass them along as you see fit.

Just to underline the resources that exist for helping to improve our streets, please see a comprehensive list that responds to different types of issues. East Nasty is happy to help in tandem with these improvements; but please don't hesitate to indepently be in contact with the city resources. Share any feedback with us. A problem unreported doesn't exist.

Report a sidewalk or bike lane maintenance issue If you encounter a sidewalk or bike lane in need of maintenance, please let Metro Public Works know by calling (615) 862-8750 or filing a report online at
Report a greenway or trail maintenance issue Please share greenway maintenance requests with the parks department by calling Metro Parks at (615) 862-8400 or emailing
Report issues with temporarily closed sidewalks and bikeways Please report any issues with sidewalk and bike lane closures due to construction or special events to the Metro Public Works Permit Office by calling (615) 862-8782 or emailing
Report signs or overgrown vegetation blocking public right of way Please report any signs or vegetation blocking sidewalks or bike lanes to the Metro Codes Department by calling (615) 862-6590 or online at

Report an aggressive driver If you are harassed or endangered by an aggressive driver while walking or biking, please file a report with Metro Nashville Police Department's Aggressive Driving Unit online at

Report people who park illegally in bike lanes and sidewalks You can report drivers who are illegally parked on sidewalks and in bike lanes to the Metro Police Department non emergency line at (615) 862-8600 or online at

Request traffic enforcement If you have concerns about speeding or other traffic violations, you can request an enforcement operation. For more information, visit

We've been bad about asking for volunteers to wash the cups, so we have a pretty blank calendar!   Please consider volunteering.   If all of us volunteered for one week, we could easily fill up a year!    Take the cups home, wash them, bring them back.  Easy stuff.   Sign up for a week here.  Thanks!
(We are also going to need some volunteers to man our East Nasty booth at the Tomato Fest.  More on that next week...)
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