Wednesday, July 1: Route #2 and Pint Night

Being Good Neighbors: What to do about problem intersections Problem intersections can be improved. We (East Nasty) can keep notes of these places and lobby for change, but timely issues should be always called into the non-emergency line at 862-8600. Emergencies to 911. Document precise details of the location, the offender, and whatever may be useful. Car model, color, license plate, person description, etc. Maybe this happens where you live? Or your favorite running route? Now that you're asserting your rights in a crosswalk :) , are cars still blowing through, refusing to yield?

Unfortunately, problem intersections seem only to be changed from two inputs : flow studies and accidents, with accidents needing to be fatalities or near. No one wants to have their life changed forever while exercising or getting around their neighborhood. The smallest driver error could leave us handicapped or worse. Street design historically erred to the side of wanting to move cars faster than increase safety.

Where we have a few hundred extra eyes seeing these issues time and time again, let's work together to improve these spots. Think of a few places where it seems dangerous to cross? Missing paint? Needing to walk another hundred yards or more? Crosswalk lights that don't work? Buttons that don't click? Even street lights that are out.   Who to tell?   Well start with your city councilperson.   Contact them with these issues, that's what they're there for!

Working together as a team to can quickly effect change that almost never occurs individually. Stop signs, like the one just installed at s14th/Shelby, are political nightmares. Everyone complains about the few extra seconds they lose in their commute. We need to remember to write in support and thanks for the changes that help the weaker users of ours streets. We can help shift the balance to erring on the side of safety and encouraging alternate modes of transportation.

Route #2 + Pint Night

On July 1, Shelby is going to be crowded.  Not only are we running through the park, but there will be 200+ potato to tomato runners and the farmers market will be going on!   To me, it's a lot of fun to be around so much excitement, but remember to err on the side of courtesy.

After the run, be sure to head over to NRC for their monthly pint night.

Yes we run in the rain.   6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

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