Wednesday, June 10

Being Good Neighbors

Dear fellow runners, over the next twelve weeks we'll be touching on safety related topics including Complete Streets, Vision Zero, running etiquette, problem intersections, rights and responsibilities of crosswalks, Sharing the Road, visibility, being an Ambassador, what to do if there's an accident, and underlying them all are the laws and enforcement. Our goal is one of education : for everyone in our neighborhood that is sharing our resources.

TCA 55-8-134 (*1) and Nashville ordinance 12.52.020 (*2) gives some of the laws that protect us as weaker users of the roads. Those provisions often takes much effort to put in place and frustrates many that it may inconvenience.

Most of us are ignorant of our laws until it is too late.   So take a moment to familiarize yourself with the laws (1* and 2*), and think about what puts you into the right or wrong.   In an accident, what would you say in your defense? What would the other party? Were they to blame, were you, could they say it was the intersection? What could we do to keep that from happening in the first place? What kind of behavior should we exhibit to be good citizens here, already in the most walkable neighborhood in the city? Let's think about this and more during the next weeks while raising the bar for East Nashville.
Route #11
Route #11: Churches
6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.
During CMA fest we avoid downtown and LP field like the plague - but we would love any festival goers to join us for a run!   So if you know anyone coming into town, pass this along, and let's make everyone feel welcome in our group.
Remember, the Lasty Nasties meet at about 5:45 pm.  (The Lasty Nasties form our walk/run group.  So if you aren't quite up to running 4.4 miles without stopping, you may want to join this group.)
It's summer time, you want to run, but you're not sure what to do with the kids.   We can't totally solve that dilemma, but on Wednesday nights the Y can help.    You may have noticed that we meet in front of a yellow house on Wednesday nights.   That building is actually owned by the YMCA, and that's where they run a program called ArtEMBRACE.   You can read more about ArtEMBRACE here, but they also do a lot of other great things in the community.   One of those things is that they offer art lessons for kids on Wednesday nights from 6 till 7:30 for $10.    So if you are trying to find a way to run on Wednesday nights, without leaving your kids in front of the TV, here is an option!
If you want more details, knock on the door Wednesday night or email Leslie Gregg at
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