Wednesday, April 15: Calling All Musicians!

If you are a musician, know a musician or just like music, take a moment to read below... But first, this week's run: Route #3

6 p.m. (or 6 a.m.) at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Did you know that we have a group that meets at 6 a.m.?   This is a great option for people who have trouble running in the afternoon.

Also this week is a Mizuno wear test.   It is by far the best way to try out a new brand.  Stop by Nashville Running Company at 5 p.m., wear a pair of Mizunos for the run, and bring them back afterwards.  It's that easy.

Route #3

East Nasty Night at The Basement East!

Calling all East Nasty Musical Artist ---

We need you and or you and your band.

There is a new live music venue in East Nashville.  It's called the Basement East or more affectionately “ the Beast “.  The Beast will be opening it’s doors in late April and will have their first “ new faces “ night on Wednesday April, 29th.   Mike Grimes the owner of Grimey’s records and the original basement off of 8th avenue in Nashville is allowing East Nasty to take over the that opening night.  The event will start at 8:00 and there will be drink specials for all East Nasties. Here is the cool part: Grimey wants all the musical artist that perform that night to be East Nasties or at least have some East Nasty roots. He is ideally looking for 8 artist or groups to perform a 15 – 20 minute set. Grimey will handle all the logistics and who is performing when.

The night will also be hosted by our very own Drew Jones who is no stranger to a microphone.

Whether you are a solo artist, in a band, brand new to the music scene or been around for a while – we need and would love to see you on stage performing.  It should be a great night to check out some of our nasties on stage showing off their musical talent.

Please spread the word and let’s fill the first new faces night on the east side with all East Nasties.

If this interests you please email Mike Grimes directly at:


For those of you who are not running the half-marathon, but would love to be out there, Competitor group contacted me with a unique way to be a part of the race, and get a free entry to another RockNRoll event.

Toyota is looking for 4 individuals to run back-and-forth on a certain part of the course dressed in Toyota apparel, passing out items that will help participants be refreshed. They might be handing out GU, Gatorade, wipes, water, etc. They might also carry a mister like the attached to spray on runners. We are still building out the whole idea but are looking for volunteers. We will incentivize these volunteers with a free entry into a future rock 'n’ roll race (Las Vegas excluded) and we will also incentivize them with something from Toyota yet to be determined.

If this piques your interest, email Catharine Ryun at


EN needs your gently used running shoes and we need them ASAP. Please bring your WASHED shoes and place them in designated bins before this Wednesday nights run. (Please no trail shoes or shoes that have holes or heavy damage to the soles.). These shoes will be used by local middle and high school runners, and while anything we give them will be appreciated, we want their running careers to start off injury free and with excitement! If you're not yet ready to give up a pair of shoes, no worries, we will collect again next month before the Couch to 5k program. (Shoes sizes especially needed: W5.5, W8, W8.5, M8-M14). Thanks! And FYI, as a club, we have successfully given away more than 500 shoes over the years and over 60YTD already! Great job Nasties!



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