Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - Changes to the route + Timex

Route #6 Since we are making every effort to run on the new greenway that goes down into Shelby Park, several of our routes are slightly different than in previous years.   Route #6 is one of those.   The major change is that (a) we will be going down the greenway into the park, therefore (b) we will keep the lake on our LEFT (this is different) and go up that side of the opposite hill, (c) as you are going up that hill stay on the RIGHT side of the road, (d) turn right and go under the train bridge, then we are back on the old route.  (i.e. Turn left on Riverside.   Stay on the left side of Riverside in the bike lane.)

NOTE: To those of you who have done "The Nasty"...  The hill we are going up, is the hill that we come down after running up Mt. Nasty.  Hopefully that gives you guys a landmark...

Here is the new map:


Final Note:   This run is going to be a little bit longer than 4.6 miles - closer to 5.1.  Here is a link to the new map on MapMyRun.

Thursday Night Workouts

Thursday night we meet for workout #2: tempo running.   6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly. Everyone is welcome to join us - provided that you can run 5 miles without stopping.   If you cannot do that, these workouts are a little too aggressive for you...

Full/Half Training

Saturday morning we are again at Percy Warner Park.  7:30 am for full marathoner, 8:00 for the halfers.  We meet at the stone gates at the end of Belle Meade Blvd, so give yourself a little extra time to find parking.


Have you every considered a GPS watch?    Well here is your week to try one out!  Tonight, representatives from Timex will be at the run with a limited number of their GPS watches to try out for the run.    Show up early (5:30 ish) so that you can get a demo about how it works.   They also are going to have lots of free give-aways...





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