Wednesday, November 19


So you can either run with us at 6 a.m. when it's cold and dark, or you can run with us at 6 p.m. when it's cold and dark.   Either way, be sure to dress warmly and wear reflective gear!   If you don't own any, swing by NRC to grab some before the run.

 Route #10

This is our Mt. Nasty warm-up run.   Here is a quick note about this run: when we exit Shelby Park on Davidson stay on the right side of the road.   The reason is that you will make a right turn to go up 12th.  When you make that turn, enjoy the hill!

Shelby Hills

Looking Ahead

Here are two dates to put in your calendar: December 10th, and January 3rd.

December 10th: Our annual East Nasty Christmas Party.  It is a great time.  We'll have our regularly scheduled run that evening, then walk down the street to enjoy some food and drinks at the Zimmerman's.   More details coming.

January 3rd: Our first meeting for the 2015 Country Music Marathon training program.  The program is free and open to everyone who can run 5 miles without stopping.  Once again, more details will be coming soon, but I want you guys to get these two dates on your calendar!

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