Wednesday, October 23, 2014

Route #6

I love running on Riverside.   Did you guys know that Riverside is almost exactly 5 kilometers long?    Anyway, be sure that you are wearing reflective gear.    There is a bike lane on Riverside, but there is no sidewalk.

See you at 6pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Run #6: Riverside

Girls on The Run

Passing our love of fitness and running onto the next generation is one of the main goals of East Nasty.   Girls on the Run is another great organization that shares this passion.   They are looking for some "running buddies" for the girls that are participating in their training program.   Read below, and email Stephanie Livesay ( if you have any questions.
Girls on the Run Needs You! We would love to have you be a Running Buddy to accompany and encourage a girl through her end-of-season 5k event experience! For many girls, this is the biggest challenge and biggest accomplishment of Girls on the Run…and one of their favorite parts is having their very own Running Buddy by their side! The 5K will be on November 15th, 8:00am. This 5K will be a part of the Viva la Diva 5K, but Running Buddies only need to register using the link below; they do not need to register for Viva la Diva.
Running Buddy Registration Link -


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