Wednesday, October 8

Route #4

Join us on at 6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.  This week is route #4

Run #4

1) It's not dark at 6 pm when we start, but it is dark at 7 pm when we finish.   Please get in the habit of wearing reflective gear.  As we get deeper into the fall and winter, you may want to consider wear some sort of light.

2) We meet rain or shine.

3) There is a brand new greenway that runs between the Lillian hill entrance to the park and the dog park.  (Right at mile 1 in the map above.)   Tomorrow we are going to run on that greenway.  To get there, run past the Lillian hill and turn left.  Easy Stuff.   We will no longer run around the lake, so it will reduce the mileage a bit, but it will get us off the road which is always nice..

Below is a map of the new Shelby Park paved trails.   The section that we will run tomorrow night goes from #1 to #13, then we'll turn right to get back on the regular route.  (PS It's not lighted yet, but we should be fine at 6:20 when we get there...)

Shelby Park Map 2

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