Wednesday August 6

This coming weekend is one of the great weekends in East Nashville: the Tomato Festival.  Now, the Tomato Festival really starts on Wednesday night at the East Nasty run, because we'll have a lot of great stuff going on. (1) Meet the new Nasties.   Our group will be quite a bit larger than normal, because this is the day that we meet our graduating couch to 5k runners!   Since early June, they have been meeting three times a week, to begin their journey to fitness, and on August 9th, they'll run the Tomato 5k.  (We also get to welcome back the 40 coaches who have been helping them along.)

(2) Pint Night.   After the run, head down to NRC to officially welcome the new nasties with a pint of Yazoo.

(3) Try a new pair of shoes.   On Running will be at NRC if any of you are interested in a wear test.   ("Wear Test" means just that - you get to wear a pair for the run!)   Starting at 5 p.m. go to NRC and take out a pair for a test run.  If you decide you like them you'll get 20% off.

The Run

Normally, on the Wednesday before the Tomato 5k, we run the race course.   This year the course has changed pretty significantly, (check it out at the bottom of this page), and it would be unwise for us to run it on Wednesday night.  (Just too many busy intersections.)   So we're just going to continue our rotation and do run #7.  (Update: the 6am morning run WILL do the Tomato 5K course.) If you are racing on Saturday - you may want to jog the course at some point to get a feel for it.  It seems easier than in the past…

#7 Little Hollywood



First, I want everyone to realize that East Nasty is a totally volunteer driven organization.   So I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all their help, we're humbled by the amount of effort people put into this organization.   Next, we need a couple of needs, and I would love to encourage some new folks to get involved!

First, we need more people to work the graveyard shift (4 till 6 p.m.) at the East Nasty booth this Saturday.   It's an easy gig, the festival will be winding down and you'll get a good dose of people watching.  Volunteer here.

Next, we have the ongoing need for volunteers to wash the cups.   If we could have everyone volunteer just one week per year, people would only have to wash cups once every 4 years!    Please consider taking on this thankless but necessary task.   Volunteer for the cups here.

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