Wednesday, May 14: Shoes

Potato to Tomato

Our free couch to 5k training is just around the corner.  Information is here, and there are four things you need to do:

(1) Consider coaching.    We could use some faster coaches.  (Relatively speaking...)  The majority of our participants are brand new runners who will complete the Tomato Fest 5k in over 40 minutes.  But there are usually a few ringers who are in great shape, but just new to running.  We always need a couple experienced runners (read: can run 8 minute pace consistently) to help guide this group.   Is this you?   Consider coaching. Send Mike Clark and email, and he can give you more information.

(2) Pass the information on to friends, and get them to sign up.   Everyone is welcome to join us, but it really helps us plan if the participants sign up.    There is an informational meeting at the Margaret Maddox YMCA at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday June 5th.

(3) Sign up for the Tomato Festival 5k.  This is our "home" race - and it benefits our local YMCA which does amazing work in the community.   No excuses!   Sign up, run and enjoy a fantastic festival after the run.

(4) Donate your old shoes. (read on…)


Every year East Nasty collects used running shoes.   If the shoes are too worn out, we toss them or give them to goodwill.    If there is still some life left in them, we find them a new home.   We give away hundreds of shoes every year, and many of them go to our Potato to Tomato participants.

We rely on you guys for our shoe inventory, and that is the case this year, but we are going to do collection a little differently.   This year, between May 14 and May 28, bring your used shoes in to Nashville Running Company, and they will give you 20% off your new shoe purchase when you bring in 2 used pairs.   If you only have one pair, please swing by the store and drop them off anyway!  Our goal is to collect over 100 pairs of shoes during this two week period.

The Route

Run #7

#7 Little Hollywood

6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.   Enjoy the architecture on this route!



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