Wednesday, April 30

Post-Marathon Recovery...

It's easy, and sometimes comical, to recognize the post-marathon shuffle.   It's that stiff-legged walk that is especially obvious when going down stairs.   So while your co-workers are laughing at you, what should you do?

First, a physiological reality: you don't become a better runner by running hard.  You become a better runner by recovering from running hard.   Racing is certainly "hard running", so you must allow yourself adequate recovery.   Here is a rule of thumb:  you should take one easy day for every 2 kilometers of running.  (A half-marathon is about 20 kilometers)   Note: "easy" does not mean "off".   In fact, recovery is (usually) sped up through light exercise.   Walking, swimming, light jogging.  All of these activities increase blood flow, which is what promotes recovery.

So should you run this week?   Yes!  Come join us for our weekly run, just keep it nice and slow.

Our Mission

East Nasty exists to make East Nashville a great place to live and to run, and to make running accessible to everyone in our community.

Of course our free half/full marathon training and free year-round Wednesday night runs are an obvious example.  But we are going to have three more ways to make this vision a reality over the next couple of months...

1) Couch to 5k program. (Starting in June)

we will need volunteers.  stay tuned for more details

2) Alley Clean Up. (Next week)

all we need is 15-20 minutes of your post-run time next week. 

3) Show donations. (May 14 - May 28)

don't throw those old shoes away!  we'll find them a new home, and you'll get a discount at NRC.

So stay tuned, and get involved where and when you can.

Route #5 (Drew's Favorite)

6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

Pint Night

After the run head down to NRC for pint night.  It's been moved forward a week to celebrate the half/full marathon runners.


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