Wednesday, April 16

Route #3

6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Route #3

This is our only out and back loop, and we love it, but there are a lot of traffic signals.  So I want to take a minute to remind you guys of some rules of the road.

1) Run on sidewalks as much as possible.  If you run in the road, run as close to the curb as possible,

2) Cross the street only at intersections or marked pedestrian crossings.

3) Stop at red lights.

As always, remember running with 200 people is different than running with 2 people.  Assume that whatever you do, the people behind you will do the same.  (i.e. if you run through a red light, they will probably follow right behind you...)  Safety first and foremost.

Thursday, April 17

Our final workout.  Just a 4 -6 mile run with 3 miles in the middle at goal pace.   This should be a "refreshing" workout.  Meaning, that it should feel easy - and should build confidence before CMM.  Note: we will meet next week, but it an easy, short, enjoyable run to celebrate all our hard work.

Post-Race Party

On April 26th, plan on joining us for our annual post-marathon party.  6 - 10 p.m. at The Pavillion East.  (At the corner of 11th and Fatherland…2 blocks from where we meet.)  It will be a good time.


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