Week 13 - Country Music Marathon and Half Training

Weekend workouts! Be sure to read below as Saturday and Sunday are different this weekend. However, the half and full workouts are identical (unless you're really craving running 20 miles, which you are more than welcome to do). Since you'll be running the race distance, the pace should be very easy. Just cover the miles and visualize how awesome it will be race day to show off your skillz. Yep. With all your East Nasty friends.


Everyone meets at 8am Saturday:  Marathon and Half marathon training

Where:  Starting at East Park - 600 Woodland St. (Saturday Only) meet in the playground area

Workout:  Standard plan: 14 miles (the half course plus a little to and from east park) Advanced plan: 16 miles (the 14 plus 2 extra in East Nash)


Everyone meets at 8am Sunday: Marathon and half marathon training.


We'll still meet at the same spot as last week - Lot R at LP field (Sunday Only)

Workout: Standard Plan: 14 miles (Warm-up around the stadium, then run the entire half course)

Advanced Plan: 16 miles


Coming up soon!

1. Brunch is happening again after the run on the 20th and will be our final brunch of the season. Be inviting your fellow runners, thinking of food to bring, have one last injury check-up, and talk race-day strategy.

2. Pre-race group dinner. Details are still in the works. This will be Thursday the 24th.

3. We have a really awesome after-party planned the night of the race, April 26th! It will be at East Pavilion again this year at Fatherland and 11th. EVERYONE is invited - so bring those coming into town to race, spectator friends, and yes, East Nasties who didn't run the half or the full (I know, they exist). There will be Yazoo Beer, Edley's BBQ, and more! Yowzah! We will have a rocking time, and it stands as one of my favorite events of the year.

See you this weekend! ENFL!!