Wednesday, December 18th

It sounds like the Christmas party was a blast.  Why did I miss the party ? Meet Julianne Laura Miller

Of course Julianne wanted to be born on an East Nasty Wednesday.    Mom and daughter are doing great and big sister is adjusting well…

We have two runs left in 2013, and we'll be starting off 2014 with a New Year's Day run.   We haven't missed a run since June of 2008, and we won't be starting now!  But stay tuned because we will probably move the start time for the Christmas and/or New Year's Day run.

Wednesday, December 18th.  6 p.m.

This Wednesday the run will be at the normal time and place.  Route #2.

Run #2

Socks and logs

We still have socks and a few training logs left.  We will have them at the runs on Wednesdays.  Socks are $20 and the logs are $10.

1/2 and Full Marathon Training

From January 4 until April 26 we have four runs per week.  Saturday and Sunday morning long runs at 8 a.m., Thursday night speed workouts at 6 p.m. at 11th and Holly, and our regular, year round Wednesday night runs.   (Note: the Saturday and Sunday runs are the same…)   All the weekend and Thursday runs are focused on the country music half or full marathon, but everyone is welcome to join us for any of the runs, even if you are not training for anything...

Our training is free, structured and supported by pace leaders, gatorade and 100 of your newest friends.    Take a moment to read our informational page, download our training plan, and sign up.  (Note: if you sign up, you are not committing yourself to anything, you are just signing up for our weekly training emails.)



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