Wednesday, November 27

Good luck to our 5k to 5 mile training participants as they tackle the Boulevard Bolt on Thursday!

As we get into the holiday season, things get busy.  So please take a moment to write down a couple of important dates:

Saturday, November 30, 8 a.m. @ Nashville Running Company.   5 mile run, followed by a brief informational meeting about the half/full marathon training.

Wednesday, December 11, post-run @ 1306 Woodland: The 6th annual East Nasty Christmas Party.  We'll have drinks, food and live music.  Also, we'll have the new Swiftwick socks ($20) and 2014 training log ($10).  Please bring $5 (this allows us to remain an RRCA running club) and a check or cash for any merchandise that you want to purchase.  Bring a dessert if you would like to show off your baking skills!

Saturday/Sunday January 4/5, 2014 8 a.m. @ Shelby Park Nature Center:  First day of training!

Half Marathon/ Full Marathon Training

First thing, while our training from January to April is focused on the Country Music Full & Half, anyone can run with us.   So if you are training for any spring race - or just looking for company on your runs, you are welcome to come to any of the training sessions.  (Wednesday runs, Thursday workouts and Saturday or Sunday long runs)

Next, take a moment to peruse our informational page.  Notice there is a place where you can sign up for the training.  Even though it is not necessary, it would be helpful if you registered.  Signing up just puts you on our email list to receive weekly training updates, there is no obligation to actually do the race.

Finally, remember everything we do is free, so spread the word and drag a friend along!

Wednesday, November 27: Route #11

Wednesday @ 6 p.m. or 6 a.m. If you have any family in town, bring them along and proactively burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories!

Route #11: Churches

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