Wednesday night 10/30/13


I have always felt that it's hard to know if you've found a good pair of running shoes.  Even with help from experts like Hunter Lane, you never really know how well they fit until you run in them for a while.    Unfortunately, there is no foolproof solution for this, but this Wednesday Kahru will be at Nashville Running Company at 5 p.m. if you want to try out a pair for the run.   Just show up at NRC at 5, wear a pair of their shoes for the run, and bring them back afterwards.  (Side note: Hunter's ENOW is not remotedly up to date, venture over to Nashville Running Company to hear what he's up to now!)

The Yellow House

Have you ever wondered about the yellow house where we meet?   Well that house is actually owned by the YMCA, and this week is a great time to learn more about it.  Wednesday night, they will be having an open house  - where runners are encouraged to grab a snack, and take a tour to see what they are all about.  Here are some highlight:

“Music on the Porch” until announcement time

“Treats” for the East Nasty Runners (bananas, orange slices, grapes, etc…).  Runners can opt to “trick or treat” before or after they run of course!

“Faces of East Nashville” Exhibit* – East Nasty runners will be the first to view a brand new exhibit created by over 200 people in East Nashville during the month of  October.  ( “Faces of East Nashville”  is an interactive project sponsored by “The Healing Arts Project, Inc” for the purpose of celebrating art during “Artober Nashville” through a community art project designed to help bring awareness and understanding to mental health treatment and recovery).

“Open House” – East Nasty runners are invited to pop in “the little yellow house” and take a look around the art studio (there are several new runners who may not know “who we are”).  All are welcome to join in some of the art projects if they would like to.  Also, several pieces of artwork will be on exhibit and available for sale throughout the “yellow house”.*  There is absolutely no obligation to buy…we would love for everyone to come in to see the artwork and just say hello!

*All purchases help support “The ArtEmbrace Program” where local artists are hired to teach visual or performing arts to students in 100+ after school programs at no extra cost to the families. 

The Route

#7 Little Hollywood

Wednesday night 6 p.m.

Please take a moment to learn the route so you can volunteer to be a pace leader.   Quick tip: when you are running down Eastland, stay on the left and stay single file over the bridge.   Once you cross the gully, there will be a bike lane.  Also while you are trying on some Kahru shoes at NRC, pick up some reflective gear!   Seriously, we all need reflective gear.




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