Wednesday September25

Run #2

Wednesday, September 25 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.

11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Run #2

Water Stop

The women's half marathon is this weekend, and I received an urgent request for help getting volunteers for one of the water stops.  Is there anyone who would be interested in being the point person for an East Nasty water stop?    Everything would be provided, you would just need to show up.   We need 15 people, and volunteers would need to be available on Saturday from 5:30 am until about 11:30.     Please email mark ( if you are interested.

Reflective Gear = Safe Running.

If you don't have any, bring cash because NRC will be there with vests for sale.    Also, as the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly important to run smart.    Especially when we cross streets.  For example, when we cross the Woodland/11th intersection make sure you wait for the light, and always cross at intersections.


Cup washing volunteers?    There are 52 Wednesday per year, and way more than 52 runners each week.  Please consider washing them once a year as a way to give back!  Here are the details.

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