August 14 - Back to Normal

After such a crazy Wednesday night last week, it's nice to get back to just a semi-normal Wednesday evening run.

Run #8 "Rick's Market, Coldest Beer in Town"

Wednesday 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at 11th and Holly in East Nashville. Route #8. Please check out the map, learn the route, and help us out by volunteering to be a route leader. It's our biggest need week to week. As always, PLEASE run on the sidewalk or the far left side of the road. NEVER run on the right side of the road. Cross the street at INTERSECTIONS only, never in the middle of the road. Running with 200 people is different than running by yourself. If you cut the corners or cross in the middle of the street, the people behind you may follow you unknowingly and suddenly we have a dangerous situation with 50+ runners in the middle of the road. Please help us be good neighbors and share the roads safely!

Run #8: Rick's Market: Coldest Beer In Town

If you are going to join the Lasty Nasties, be sure to check their Facebook page for details since they office start early!

Hotdog Night!

Wednesday is another I Dream of Weenie night. $3 Hot dogs after the run! Click here for more details.  Remember, (amazingly enough) it is BYOB, as long as you stay on the lawn.


We nearly sold out of our new 2013 tri-blend cotton t-shirts at Tomato Fest on Saturday. But there are a few left, and you can buy one after the run or anytime at Nashville Running Company. Supplies are limited - so act quick! Also, a big thanks to everyone who volunteered at our booth at Tomato Fest: Tara, Lauren, Kandice, Mark, Denise, Kim, Colleen, Chris, David, Taylor , Grace, Jon, Heidi & Daniel (sorry if i missed anyone!)

See you tomorrow!

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