Wednesday July 16

Stick Around After the Run...

Tomorrow, (and once a a month this summer), I Dream of Weenie is going to stay open late for us. All hot dog will be $3, and you can BYOB. Plan on sticking around after the run and grab a friend and a hot dog.

Generally, don't run home after the run to watch some crap on television. This week I want to challenge everyone to invite someone new to hang out after the run. Grab a dog and/or a beer, sit outside, enjoy the night and some great conversation.

Run #5

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

This has always been Drew's favorite, as it allows us to venture into downtown via the pedestrian bridge. Remember if you are a run/walker, join the Lasty Nasties. (Be sure to check their facebook page as they start their run a earlier than the main group.)  Planning on joining our main group?  We meet at 6 p.m. and start running at about 6:10.

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