Wednesday, July 3rd

Are you new?

I completely understand that our website is not the easiest to navigate.   So if you are a new person, let me quickly highlight our Wednesday run:

Wednesdays 6 p.m. (or 6 a.m.) at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

We meet year round on Wednesdays. (We have not missed a Wednesday run since June 2008...)  Additionally, from Memorial Day to Labor Day we also have a group that leaves from the same place and runs the exact same route at 6 a.m.  (We also have some crazies who do both.)   We rotate through 12 different routes sequentially.    So until you memorize the routes, it really helps if you take a moment to look at the map we provide each week.   If you complete run #12 (our hardest), you earn yourself a sticker and become an official East Nasty.

When you get to our meeting location (once again, the corner of 11th and Holly), you'll notice that there are a lot of people.  Don't worry, we don't all run at once!   First, we have a group of walk/runners who leave about 15-20 minutes early each week.  (They proudly call themselves the Lasty Nasties, and if "walk/runner" describes you, don't hesitate to join them!)  At about 6:08, we ask that you give us about 2 minutes of your attention as we make some announcements.  Finally we split into pace groups and those groups head out about a minute apart.  Why do we split into smaller groups?  Because the streets are not closed!  Please keep this in mind as you run.   This is not a closed-course race, so don't run in the middle of the road.

We provide water/gatorade, but you'll notice that we use reusable cups.  This is great for reducing the amount of waste produced by runners (have you ever thought through how much garbage one marathon produces!!!) but it means a little more work.  Please consider washing the cups for us.   If you are a regular, can you commit to doing it once a year?!  We easily have 52 regulars, meaning that we could have a different person washing cups every week. Volunteer HERE.

Bring a change of clothes (or not...) because a lot of folks head out to 3 Crow afterwards for 2-4-1 beers.  Alternatively, there are lots of great local restaurants that are packed with Nasties on Wednesday nights, including a new place right around the corner called Tenn Sixteen.   Year round, Nashville Running Company has a pint night once a month, and over the summer, I Dream of Weenie is going to have an East Nasty night once a month as well.   Long time Nasties: invite someone new to join you this week!   Maybe you can even convince Zach Barnett to buy them a beer...

Finally, please get in the habit of looking at the blog, because (1) we display a map of the route, and (2) this is the place where we try to post most of our announcements.

Run #3

This is our only out-and-back route, so you can really pick any desired distance.  Here are two shorter options: (1) if you run over the walking bridge and back that is 4 miles, (2) If you run up Demonbreun to 8th and back that is about 5 miles.

Route #3


Our Friday morning Tabata sessions have been well attended and fun.  (Thanks Christa!)   We will be doing them for the rest of the summer, but WE ARE TAKING THIS FRIDAY OFF.  Sleep in this Friday, but be ready to come back next week...



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