Wednesday, March 27

The Run

We're starting over.  (There are 12 different routes that we run in order, we did #12 last week)  Run #1: One Hilly 5k.

Wednesday, March 27.  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.  (If you are a run/walker, be sure to check the Lasty Nasty facebook page to see when they are starting.  They usually leave 10-15 minutes before the main group.

run #1: One Hilly 5kThat a moment to check out the route.  Of all our runs through Shelby Park, notice that this is the only one where we stay on the "inside" of the lake.

Cup volunteers!

It's time to volunteer to clean the cups!    This is a great way that you can help us out on Wednesday nights, and it's easy:  take the cups home, wash them (really sterilize them) and bring them back the next week.   I'm doing them this week, and my goal is to have every Wednesday covered all through the end of June.   Click here to sign up for a week.

Why do we wash cups you ask?  When we first started, we would go through 150+ disposable cups every week. In an effort to produce less waste, we went to reusable plastic ones.  This means a little more effort on our part, but less garbage every week...

Thursday night workouts

6 p.m. March 28 at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Back to the track.  5 x 1000 meters (2.5 laps) at your 5k pace, with a 400 meter (1 lap) easy jog between repeats.  Everyone is welcome.  All you need is a pretty good idea of your 5k race pace and a watch!

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