Wednesday, March 6


Two or three times a year, East Nasty collects your old running shoes and finds them new homes.   Local runners, local high schools and AAU track clubs have all benefited from your old running shoes.   Over the last three years we've given away hundreds of shoes, that go right into our local running community.  This spring we've gotten more requests than we can fill, so we need your help.

We are having our next shoe drive on March 13.

If you have any old running shoes (that have some life left in them) please take time this week to clean/wash them (washing machine is fine) and bring them on the 13th.  

Tom King Water Stop


 Hello there - for the past 5 years East Nasty has hosted the water stop for the Tom King 5k and 1/2 marathon race that is coming up this Saturday.  Again this year, we have the best water stop position on the course, (We are at the mile 1 and 12 mark for the 1/2 marathon and we are at the turnaround for the 5k race) but we need volunteers to fill up water cups and hand out water to the runners.  Everything will be provided - the water, the cups, the tables, the Drew Jones experience in full force and the music.  We need as many people as possible to be there to help out.

 This year the race will be run a little differently. The 1/2 marathon will start at 7:30 and the 5k will start 15 minutes later at 7:45. In years past the 5k has always run first but not this year. So we need people there between 7:15 - 7:30 am to start filling up cups with water and be ready to pass out cups to the runners from about 7:40 on. The 1/2 marathon is an out and back course so we will need people throughout the morning. You of course do not have to stay there the entire time but this is a big race with lots of runners so we will need dozens of volunteers.

 As you know East Nasty is a totally free running club. Everything we offer and everything we do is free and open to anyone who wants to join us. The Tom King water stop is a yearly tradition for us and a great way to give back to the running community...and it's fun!

 Our water stop is at the corner or 5th and Davidson. There will be plenty of places to park and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Hope to see tons of East Nasties out there this Saturday morning either running in the race or helping us cheer them on.

ENFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew Jones

The Run

Wednesday, March 6.  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly, East Nashville.

Route #10.  I love this run because it takes us across Eastland, but it is our most "technical" route as far as street crossings go, especially at the beginning of the run.   Make sure that you cross intersections at stop signs, specifically 14th and Woodland and Woodland and Eastland.  Your pace leader will be there to help.


Thursday Workout. March 7

Our workout this week is a 5k or 10k steady state run.   Like usual, we'll meet at 11th and Holly at 6 p.m. on Thursday.   We'll jog down to Shelby Park to do one or two 5k loops.  The goal is to drop the pace as the run progresses.  Starting at a pace that is about 1:20 slower per mile than 5k pace, speeding up by about 10 seconds per mile per mile (that was not a typo...), then finishing at a pace that is about 30 seconds per mile slower than 5k pace.  Everyone is welcome to join with us!

Pint Night

First Wednesday of the month means pint night at NRC.  Bring a change of clothes (or not) and head over after the run for a Yazoo with friends.   As always this is a free gift from our friends at Nashville Running Company.


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