February 23 - 24. Half/Full Marathon Training

Back to Shelby Park ! (Still at 9 a.m. - we will move to 8 a.m. permanently after we go to Centennial on March 9-10)

These next two weeks at Shelby are build weeks, workouts actually, and our first week at Centennial will be a recovery week.

This SATURDAY, Leah Sawyer is going to have an injury screening POST RUN.  (Starting at 10:15)   We are basically half-way through the training, and now is when we start to get fatigued and all those aches and pains that we have been ignoring are coming back to haunt us...  So take advantage of this great/free opportunity to get looked at by a Therapist.

The workout:

caveat: Super-novice runners should just do a distance run.  Also, anyone who is nursing some soreness should do a distance run.


there are three parts to this workout.  Part 1: tempo, Part 2: easy running Part 3: goal pace.

Part 1:Tempo (everyone the same) 15 minutes easy + 5 x (5 minutes tempo/1 minute jog)

Part 2: Easy (different lengths of running, but everyone should run at their Easy pace) 15 minutes (novice) 25 minutes (Intermediate) 35 minutes (Advanced)

Part 3: Goal Pace (everyone is the same) 15 minutes Goal Pace + cool down.

You can see why this is such a full/half marathon specific workout, with the crux of it being part 3.  Running 15 minutes at your goal pace when you are already fatigued simulates the last miles of a half-marathon.

Novice runners will end up running about 80 minutes, intermediate about 90 and advanced around 100 minutes.

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