November 7

Dog Food

This week is our East Can dog food drive  East Can rescues and finds homes for abandoned animals in East Nashville.   They try to alleviate any financial pressure that comes with fostering a dog by providing food.  It's a great organization and there are a couple of ways you can help:

1) Bring $10 this week.  We are getting a deal where we can get a 40 pound bag of dog food at cost  ($15.)  I love the sight of 100 bags of dog food piled up, but this year instead of bringing a bag of food this year, bring cash.   It will give us way more bag for the buck!

2) Adopt or foster a dog.   If you cannot adopt a dog, consider fostering.  Email Elizabeth if you are able.

The Run

Run #6.   Since the time change, reflective gear is a must.   Headlamps are even better.

Wednesday, 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly

Looking Ahead

Sundays.  9 a.m. Shelby Park.  Training for the NOLA 1/2 marathon.

December 12.  East Nasty Christmas Party.  Plan on joining us after the run!

January - April : 1/2 marathon or full marathon training.  Free!  We've done it every year since 2005.  Stay tuned for more details.


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