Wednesday Sept 26 - Start All Over Again

One of my favorite bands: "As soon as you understand that the end is not the end, you can start all over again."

Run #1

Last week, 'The Nasty' may have felt like 'the end' for some of us, but it only means that we are starting our 12 run sequence all over again with Run #1! This means some shorter runs - beginning this week with an easy 5k that goes down Shelby, through the park, and comes back up Holly Street. If you want to run longer, there are a couple 2-mile add on loops (Run #0 and JPs Extra 2) that many people complete before or after the “regular” run. We meet at 6pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville. When we gather, please stay out of the road so we dont hold up traffic. And as always, please stay out of the middle of the road during the run. Check out the map of the route and come join us tonight for the run and then 2-for-1 beers at 3 Crow afterwards.

Remember, now that its getting darker, we need you to wear reflective gear each Wednesday night through the spring. Nashville Running Company will have reflective items available for sale before the run for $20.

Shelby Park 100 Year Celebration

Last week we asked you to give $5 towards Shelby Park - and thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate $1000 to the Friends of Shelby Park! FOSP is an organization that helps protect, maintain, and improve our beloved park. Richard Bess from the organization will be out Wednesday night to talk about the big 100 Year Celebration on Oct 13th and how you can help be a part of it.

See you tonight! -Duane

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