Wednesday, April 18

The Route

This week: Run #3: Musica Out & Back.  This is our one run that is out and back, which means that you can run almost any distance.  The run takes us down Boscobel, across the pedestrian bridge, up Demonbreun to the round-about (if you want to go that far) and back.    The entire run is about 6.5 miles.  Across the pedestrian bridge and back is about 4 miles if you want a shorter option.  Down to 3 Crow and back is about 200 meters if you want a really short option...

The Party

After the race on April 28th, the Competitor group has some sort of concert thing going on,  but we would like to invite you to the real post-race gathering...

The East Nasty Post Country Music Half (and Full!) Marathon Bash

Everyone is welcome, even if you didn't run.  We start early (5 p.m) with grilling out, and end late with DJ Zach Barnett.   The link above gives details and provides a place for you to sign up to bring something!  (You need to bring your own grill-able item...)

Newtons and neutral running

If you haven't heard of barefoot, neutral or minimalist running you haven't been listening.  There had been a movement away from heavy bulky shoes, toward lighter flexible shoes.  Well, if you are interested in learning more about these topics or getting acquainted with these types of shoes, a representative from the Newton Running Company is going to be at our run tomorrow night.

If you want to talk neutral running, or learn more about their shoes, head over to NRC at 5 p.m. before the run.  Or you can catch him at 3 Crow post-run.

Bring Good Neighbors

Twice a year East Nasty does a alley clean up, and this year we are going to do one on the first Wednesday post-marathon.  That means that on May 2, after the run plan on sticking around for about 20 minutes to help clean up five points.  We will provide garbage bags, gloves, and we'll tell you where to go.  All we need you to do if grab a couple of friends and clean up for about 15 minutes.

Thursday Workouts

Back to the track.  This week everyone is doing 3 one mile repeats, with a three minute break between each one.    These repeats should be done at your tempo pace, or a little bit faster.

See you tonight.


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