Wednesday, April 4

The Route

This week we are running into Shelby Park: Route #2.  Be sure to check out the map.

Being good neighbors...

These "being good neighbors" segments have become a weekly portion of these posting.  This is because we all need to be reminded that we have to behave differently because there are 250 of us.   So please take these reminders to heart, and apply them to your running...

This week I want to talk about before we run... Bottom line, as we are gathering at 6 o'clock stay out of the road!   Everything will go smoother if we just stay on the sidewalk.  I know that it is crowded, and we are working on some ways to streamline the process.   But milling around all over the place is not only unsafe - it slows the traffic down which slows everything down.

Pint Night at Nashville Running Company

Wednesday is the NRC monthly East Nasty pint night.  This week, 110% compression gear is going to be doing some demos at the store.  So head over to the store for a mobile "ice bath" and a beer post run!

Shirts Are In

The shirts that were ordered will be available tomorrow!  Remember, unless you specified differently, you'll have to pick up your shirt.  We'll have them on Wednesdays and Sundays from here on out.  Tonight we will be handing them out at NRC after the run. Thanks to the East Nasty design crew for putting together a great shirt this year!

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run, one of the organizations that we are proud to support, is looking for volunteers to help at the Girls On The Run 'Practice 5K' on Thursday, April 12 from 3-5 pm. They need people to help with water stops, timing and course direction. Easy stuff! If you can help GOTR, contact Erin Taylor (  Also, registration is open for the Girls On The Run 5K in Shelby on May 5th ( Anyone can run the 5K - not just girls.

See you tonight! - Mark

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