February 19: One last day at Percy Warner

Sunday February 19 - Just logging miles

Sunday will be our last long run in Percy Warner Park, before we head back to Shelby Park for two Sundays of structured workouts.   Once again, this week we are just spending time on our feet.  The pace should be conversational, the duration is the same as last week, and we will have groups on the trails and the roads.   And the best part is that afterwards we will have brunch!

When:  9 a.m.

Where: Percy Warner Park under the Stone Gates the end of Belle Meade Blvd

What:  Novice: 80 minute run, Intermediate: 90 minute run, Advanced: 120 minute run

Looking ahead, we all need to do another 3 mile time trial in early March.  We won't be doing one as a group on Sunday morning, so you need to make plans to either: (1) do one on your own or (2) run a local 5k.  Personally, I am going to run the Tom King 5k before I head over to work the infamous Jones brothers water stop...Be sure that you print off the training program so you know what we are doing and where we are meeting!


The best part of Sundays...the East Nasty brunch.   Check out this link right here.  All the necessary information is included.  Our gracious hosts are Nick Abruzzo and Christina Young, who live right close to the park off of White Bridge Road.  Please sign up and to show off either your cooking skills, your cleaning skills or your shopping skills!

1/2 Marathon / Marathon Shirts

Every year, we get East Nasty shirts for the Country Music half and full marathons.  In a race of 33,000 people, it's fun to look around and see a bunch of other nasties in the same gear.  This year is no different except (1) we are actually ordering them early so we don't have to stress over getting them printed in time, (2) we are ordering on line, and (3) we have a different design for marathon runners vs 1/2 marathon runners vs. people who just want a shirt.

We will be closing orders this coming Wednesday (February 22) at midnight!   We may have a couple of extras, but don't count on it.  So if you want to get yourself a shirt, or grab one for an out of town friend, place the order soon!  All the details are here.

Those crazy kids...

So a 17-year old Kenyan just won a world class half marathon with a winning time of 60:34.  That's 4:38 pace for 13.1 miles.  That's got to be the world record for juniors (18 and under)!  Wrong!   That record is held by Sammy Wanjiru - winner of the last Olympic Marathon, and perhaps the most talented marathoner ever - who ran 59:16 when he was 18 years old, but is now dead after jumping out of a window following a bad encounter with his angry wife.  It's really a pretty crazy story.

See  you on Sunday.