Sunday, February 12

1/2 marathon training

This week we're back in Percy Warner Park just logging miles.  Nothing structured, just "time on your feet."   The purpose of Sunday's run is duration, not intensity.  And even though we're adding miles and hills, the entire run should be conversational.  Under 75% of your max heart rate - maybe peaking at 80% on the hills.   There will be groups running the road loops and trails.

Also, it's going to be cold...but being in the woods will keep you sheltered and out of the wind.  This is the precise reason why we run at Percy Warner in February...

Where: Percy Warner Park at the Stone Gates.  (At the end of Belle Meade Blvd.)

When: 9 a.m.


Novice - 80 minute run

Intermediate: 90 minute run

Advanced: 120 minute run

No organized brunch this week.  But looking for something new?  Try Sky Blue Cafe at 700 Fatherland Ave.    One of the best brunches in Nashville.