Sunday, February 5

Just putting in the miles...

After a couple of weeks of structured long runs (a time trial and a tempo run), the next three weeks are just "time on your feet."  We're not even worried about how far you run!  We all just need to run for a designated amount of time.  Also, for a change of venue, and the addition of hills, we are going to be meeting at the Belle Meade entrance to Percy Warner Park (under the stone gates.)  If you have never run out there, this park is amazing, and only about 15 minutes from East Nashville.

Sunday morning, we will have several groups: novice, intermediate and advanced - and trail or road.  Whether you run trails or the road, everyone needs to run at a conversational pace - even if you have to walk some up the hills!  Your heart rate should be about 75%, peaking at 80% of your max on the steep hills.  How does this feel?  Conversational.  This run should be hard because of the duration not because of the intensity.

Workout -

Novice:  70 minutes (probably the 5.8 mile road loop +)

Intermediate: 80 minutes

Advanced: 100 minutes (white and red trails or 11.2 mile loop)

See you at the Percy Warner Stone Gates at 9am on Sunday! Remember, our workouts and locations of those workouts are outlined on our training plan.


The best part of Sunday runs!   This week David Canas and family is hosting out in Brentwood.  Here is the information, including the Canas' address.   Please sign up to bring something!    It's important that we all contribute.


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