Wednesday January 18

Wednesday Run

Our Wednesday run this week is Route #3  - our only out-and-back. We will head over the pedestrian bridge and up Demonbreun all the way to the round-about and Musica. (If you want to go that far.) Over the bridge and back is 4 miles, out to 8th avenue and back is 5, and around the statue and back is 6.6. As always, we meet at 6 p.m. at 11th & Holly. Be sure to be courteous about parking, wear your reflective gear, and bring a friend. We are always looking for pace group leaders - please consider volunteering. (You just need to learn the route and have a fair idea of what pace you run at.)

Thursday Hills

We will be meeting on Thursday at 6 p.m. at 11th & Holly to do our second hill workout. Everyone will add two more repeats to the workout from last week. Anyone is welcome because these workouts are scaled for novice, intermediate and advanced runners.

Like a Good Neighbor

As runners (and cyclists) we rightfully ask cars to share the roads. In return, we need to share the roads with them. When we run as a group - we need to operate differently than you might as an individual. This week, I want everyone to focus on crossing at intersections.

Calling All Musicians (...and others with odd hours)

The other day, I was talking with long time East Nasty/musician Chris Autry and he noted that he ends up running solo a lot because of his strange schedule. He usually runs in the middle of the day, which is nice (good temperature, ample sunlight, no traffic), but since everyone else is working he usually runs alone. I thought what a great way to use the Facebook page.  So,...

1) If you are going for a run and looking for company at any time, post your run on our Official Facebook Page. Be sure to include the time, location and general pace.  No guarantees, but connecting runners to build community is what we are all about!

2) Send Chris an email if you are looking for a mid-week, mid-day 8-10 mile run at between 8:30 and 9:30 pace. Send him an email at


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