January 11

In this post: Running route #2, leave your shoes behind, Thursday workouts, the Frist and marathon trials.

The Run

The route this week is #2: Around the Lake.  Take a minute to look at the map, and if you feel comfortable with the run,  please volunteer to lead a pace group.  How do you become a pace leader?   Learn the route, find the person with the pace signs, and just grab the one that works for you.   Also we could use some volunteers to wash the cups.  It's easy, just take them home after the run, and bring them back the next week.   Sign up here.

Leave your shoes behind

This week is our big push for shoe donations.  We are encouraging everyone to leave a pair of shoes behind after the run Wednesday night.  There will be bins under the porch of the yellow house.  One thing:  if it is raining, please don't donate soaking wet shoes!  Drop them off before the run, or just wait a week until they dry.   Thanks!

Thursday workouts

Our 1/2 marathon training workouts start Thursday.  (Long runs are on Sunday mornings)   At least for right now, we'll meet at 11th and Holly at 6 p.m. (same place/time as the Wednesday night runs)

This week we will run down to the pedestrian bridge to do some hill repeats.  We will be going up both sides of the bridge, and it takes between 60 and 90 seconds (depending on speed) to get to the top.  Your rest between each repeat will be running down the other side of the bridge....  Effort level should be hard, but not maximal.  Total workout will be between 5 and 6 miles (unless you add on...)

Warm - Up (1.6 miles)

4-6 x Pedestrian Bridge Hill (hill + recovery run = 0.4 miles)

Cool - Down (1.6 miles)

The Frist

So this is cool... the Frist has offered East Nasty members free admission from January 9 - 31.

Download the above coupon and spend a cold January night at the Frist getting some culture!

Marathon Trials

This Saturday is the US Olympic marathon trials in Houston, TX.  It looks like it is a pretty stacked field - with the outcome far from assured.  Here is the official web site.  Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anywhere (even on the internet) where the race can be viewed live.  NBC is showing a produced version that afternoon from 3 till 5, but that sucks.  If anyone can find a place to watch it live, could you please post a link in the comments section or on our facebook page??

See you on Wednesday.


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