Wednesday - December 28, 2011

In this post: Route #7 on Wednesday evening, 1/2 marathon & marathon training, a pace leader request, Japanese Ekiden racing, Jones Brother Comedy, and Annie Parsons.

Last Wednesday of the year...

Wednesday we will complete Route #7 - Little Hollywood.  This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in East Nashville, and yesterday several of the houses still had some pretty impressive light displays up!  It's only about 3.2 miles, so it would be a great night to bring a friend. As always, meet up at 6pm at 11th & Holly. Join us for a beverage at 3 Crow Bar after the run.

Marathon and 1/2 Marathon training.

Our structured training begins on January 8th...but your training should be going on right now!  I know that the holidays are busy, but make a goal to run for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week between now and next Sunday.

Remember: January 8, 9 a.m. in Shelby Park next to the nature center.

Pace Leaders

Speaking of 1/2 marathon training, we still could use some pace leaders for the 1/2 marathon. You can choose a pace that is a challenge for you, or pick an easier pace and lead others. Either way, send me (Mark) an email, or talk to me at a run.

Japanese Ekiden

This is a really cool article. Japan's national championship for high school runners is very different than other countries. Because open green spaces are scarce, Japanese high schoolers do not run cross country. They run track which culminates in a national championship Ekiden race on Christmas day. A team of 7 boys runs a marathon separated into legs of 10k, 3k, 8.1k, 8.1k, 3k, 5k and 5k.  (The girls run a half marathon.)  There is no individual "national champion" as the athletes race and win as a team...

The Jones Brother and Mundy Explosion.

Wednesday night, record store owner extraordinaire, and occasional East Nasty, Mike Grimes will be hosting his birthday party at the Basement. Part of the celebration is the return of comedy by the Jones Brothers and Hugh Mundy. 9 o'clock at the Basement. It's free.

Annie Parsons.

When LaraBar retired Annie Parsons' favorite flavor - she wrote a song about it. (Read about it here.) That was a year ago. Now they finally came to their senses and hired her. Good for her, but this means that we will probably be seeing much less of her. (She lives in Denver, but had been working for Emma, which brought her back here occasionally)  I think I speak for everyone when I say that she will be missed and has left a permanent mark on the Nashville community!

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