October 26, 2011

Hello East Nasty - hope all of you are doing well. Just a few quick announcements here. Tomorrow's route is called "churches" it is route #11 and is about 4.5 miles. There is a point on the route around mile 2 where we run past 11th & Holly so if you need to cut the run in half you are welcome to do so. Please check out the map of the the route down on the right hand side of the page. I run for the Party

One of our East Nasty regulars Emmit Martin is the owner / operator of the " I run for the party " race series. Here is some information and volunteer opportunities for the upcoming races going on before the end of the year.

Nov 12th Nashville 1/2 Marathon http://www.irunfortheparty.com/index.php?page=events_view&event_id=22

  • Need volunteers for Nashville half marathon
  • Need people to cheer along the course
  • If you live along the course In east Nashville on Fatherland - cheer stations are welcome
  • Need Bikers to help monitor course and watch for people that may be hurt etc..

Dec 3rd Bridge To Bridge 4 Mile Run

  • Run all three bridges downtown and help us raise angel tree gifts for Salvation Army. Reports from Amanda is that we up are to 4,500 families who have registered for Angel Tree, which means that will equate to somewhere around 18,000+ Angels.  That is up 38% from last year.  As we continue to accept applications today and finalize numbers, we have to consider how we are going to drive donors to adopt these angels.  We have been blessed with our partnership with I Run for the Party.  You are providing The Salvation Army additional resources to serve these angels.   We think by eliminating the number 1,000 out of the ads that it will not limit us to the number of runners and people that we need to serve.  Let's run for as many angels as we possibly can!   
Dec 31st Resolution Run 5k & 1 mile
The Resolution Run is now managed & owned by IRFTP Keep an eye out for the new & improved Resolution Run on Dec 31st as part of the Music City Bowl and Nashville New Years eve celebration 
That is all for now Nasties - Hope to see you out there tomorrow night at 11th & Holly ----- ENFL !!!
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