Trail Running / Women's Half

Trail Runs

Trail runs have been going great so far this summer! Just a reminder we are still meeting at 7 am at the Stone Gates/Stairs of Percy Warner Park at the end of Bellemeade Blvd, and will be meeting there until the end of September. The Ultra group will continue increasing is distance for the next few weeks. Most people from the "Normal" group know the trails by now so we will be grouping up according to pace and distance for the remainder of summer.  Our runs are free and open to anyone who wants to come out.  So whether you are running 18 miles or 5 miles you are welcome to join us.

The end goal of the Summer trail runs is the StumpJump 50k and 11mile race in Chattanooga, TN on October 1st.  This is a great race for those who want a new challenge and a break from the normal road races that we have access to every weekend. If you are planing on running this race please sign up ASAP. StumpJump historically sells out sometime in August. You should also begin making lodging accommodations as those will book up just as fast.

Road Trip

Looking forward to August 7th, we will be taking a trail running road trip to Suwanee to run the Perimeter trail. This trail is somewhere in the 20 mile range and could take a little over 4hrs. There is a shorter route that will take 2-3 hrs.  We will be leaving from LP Field at 5:30am and will be back early afternoon. You will need to bring your own hydration for the trail. If you do not want to come feel free to continue running at Percy Warner, however we will not be supporting this run.  If you are interested in joining us for this road trip, please email Hunter Lane at

Women's Half  Training

Ladies:  Nashville is once again hosting one of the women's half marathons, and East Nasty is once again entering a team, (led by our own Heidi Huerta)!  If you want to join the team, email Heidi (, and she can give you the code you need to enter when you register.  Heidi has developed a training program for you to follow for this race.  Check out the training schedule here.   Only the Sunday runs will be done as a group, and you'll notice that there are different meeting locations for the Sunday runs.

Stay cool!