Wednesday - June 13th - 2011

Hello East Nasties. Nice work last week on staying out of the middle of the street and obeying the rules of the road. Let's try to make it 2 weeks in a row. Tomorrow we will we be running our shortest run - route #7 ( little hollywood ). Please click the link on the right side of the page and review the route. Its a good time to have a short route as the Nashville summer heat has certainly showed up.  

Exactly one month from tomorrow ( August 13th ) will be the East Tomato 5k. This is a big deal for the city of East Nashville and it is the homecoming race for East Nasty. Please plan on attending this event. If you do not run in the race then that is ok as we will need volunteers for water stops both during and after the race. Look for more info on the East Tomato race in the near future. But again go ahead and mark your schedules and plan on being there Saturday morning August 13th. Oh yeah - it is also the race that the potato to tomato group that east nasty has been coaching will be running in and they will need our support. Big day for East Nasty without a doubt :-)


See you tomorrow Nasties  -