May 18th...

66 degrees and cloudy??  Crazy.  Well...we'll miss this weather in about a month. This Wednesday we are running route #9, LP Field.  We will eliminate the part of the run that crosses Gallatin, so if you need extra mileage do the new and improved 2-mile add on route...But if you have never done this run, it has a couple of the best view of downtown at dusk!

Summer 2011

Be sure to read up on our summer trail runs.  Especially if you have always wanted to train for an ultra. (This summer there will be a group of nasties training for a 50k trail race)   On the other end of the spectrum, if you or someone you know needs a group to get started with a running program, check out the potato to tomato program starting in mid-June.

June 4th

Thanks to so many of you who signed up for the Rebuild Together Nashville house project on June 4th.   We could still use a couple more volunteers, so please take a moment and read about the project below and then send John and email him directly if you can help.

Rebuilding Together Nashville is going to be helping a homeowner in the East Nashville area on June 4th in cooperation with the Sears “Heroes at Home” program

            Ms. Marguerite Wright is a sweet elderly woman who has been through many ups and downs throughout her long life.  She is the widow of a World War II veteran and the mother of six grown children- three of which who served in the Army or Marines during Vietnam.  Ms. Marguerite and her husband, George, were newlyweds when he was deployed to Germany.  Marguerite had their first son while George was away on duty.  After his return from service 4 years later, the Wrights moved back to Nashville to grow their family.  Several years passed until 1956 when, one year after giving birth to her youngest son, Marguerite was diagnosed with polio.  Despite the disability, she remained a dedicated mother and as active as possible. The Wrights were yet again stuck with tragedy when, only 2 months before their 50th Anniversary, George passed away following routine gall bladder surgery.  The loss of her husband (and since then two of her children) has been difficult on Ms. Marguerite.  She is a courageously determined and persistent woman who wants only to remain in her family home as long as possible.  Her disease has made this request difficult and costly.  Through the use of Sears “Heroes at Home” funding, Rebuilding Together Nashville would be able to provide accessible modifications to Ms. Marguerite’s bathroom and kitchen as well as provide basic repairs to the interior of the home.

            Rebuilding Together Nashville will work to replace the kitchen door, install bathroom accessibility modifactions, insatll radiant barrier in the attic, seal air infiltration gaps in the basement, and energy efficiency modifications. Rebuilding Together will be providing all tools and materials as well as lunch, water, and snacks. Volunteers will need to wear clothes to work in and closed-toe shoes. The project will start at 8AM and run until 3PM. Volunteers to not need previous construction experience but please share any experience you have. If you are interested in volunteering please contact John at or 615-297-3955.

See everyone on Wednesday!