Sunday 4/24 - Final long run

Last Long Run...meeting at Shelby @ 8 am... I always tell runners that the final week before a race, there is nothing that you can do to make yourself run faster, but there is a lot you can do to make yourself run slower!    (This is called a "taper") So this week the focus is on being fully rested, hydrated and to stay "sharp" with your running.  What does that mean?  Cut all of your workouts in half, but keep a little bit of intensity.   The long run this week is a great example:

Run 1-2 miles easy + 3 miles goal pace + 1 -2 mile easy.  As of late, our runs have been 10+ miles. Notice that we are running only 5-7  miles, but adding a little bit of intensity in the middle of the run.   The rest of your runs this week should be similar.  Run about half of what you normally do, but have some race pace efforts in the middle of those runs.  Also, it is a good idea to include some 50-200 meter strides after almost all your runs this week.

If you think that you have missed too many long runs and want to get on last log run in this week...don't do it!  You will be better off on race day just doing our 6-8 mile run, than if you try to sneak one last 12 miler in... Resting will allow our bodies to fully repair all the damage we've done to our muscles the last 16 weeks, and some short bursts of speed will help to maintain your leg turn-over.  Here is a pretty good article about tapering, and here is another article about the mistakes people make when they taper.

Easter Brunch

Brunch this week is a little bit different that normal.  Erin and I will be hosting, and it will have more "lunch" type foods than normal.   Zach will provide a turkey and a ham.  We'll have mashed potatoes, green chili mac and cheese and other assorted type items.   So if you are away from your family this Easter Sunday, please come join us!  We'll try to eat around 11:00, which gives you time to run home after the run if you would like.  Here is the brunch sheet.   Please take a moment to add something if you are able to provide a side dish or dessert!

See you Sunday!