1/2 Marathon Training - Sunday 3-20

Sunday - March 20 9 am Centennial Park. This week we are running 10, 11 or 13 miles.  (Novice, intermediate, advanced.)

We are running the country music 1/2 marathon course, so print yourself a map if you are not familiar with the race course!  Here is a link .

Novice will do the same course as last week: continue on Wedgewood, run through the Vandy campus - back to Centennial.

Intermediate will run back down music row, go straight through the round-about, then turn left on Broadway and follow Broadway all the way back to the park.

Advanced will run past the 10 mile mark, run down 11th, turn left on Charlotte, and run back up Charlotte back to the park.

We are going to try and put a cooler of gatorade on Wedgewood, where you can get to it twice.  Right past the 4-mile mark, and the 8-mile mark.

This week the brunch is hosted by Greg Kyle's, who lives right off of 21st Avenue.  Remember, everyone is invited!  Even if this is your first time running with us.  Here is the brunch sheet.

See you tomorrow!