Wednesday - February 16th - 2011

  Hello East Nasty - Can it really be true ? Is good weather finally here on a Wednesday ? Well I have some pretty good information from people who are in the know that have told me tomorrow night it is going to be 60 degrees at 6:00 pm. So what does that mean ? What that means is there is only one way to celebrate the return of warm weather ... by coming out to East Nashville and getting nasty with your friends. A big shout out to the 10 or so brave souls who made it out to East Nasty last Wednesday night. You guys knocked out route #6 which is not the easiest run in the world - in the snow no less. So that means we all get to enjoy one of our shorter more enjoyable runs .... " little hollywood " ( route #7 ). Please check the route down on the bottom right side of this page.


Shirt Time

Now that the nice weather is here it is time for some new east nasty gear. We will be ordering shirts over the next couple of weeks and are going to have some options for you. First off for the ladies of East Nasty we will be ordering some tank tops from Lulu Lemon that will have East Nasty on the front. There will be 2 color options ( white or black ) and Lulu Lemon will be out at all East Nasty meetings for the next 2 weeks taking orders. The tanks will be $30 each and you will need to pay for yours when you order them so bring some cash or a check with you.  What about shirts for the men ? or what about women who don't want to wear a tank top and would rather have a shirt ? No worries we have got you covered. We will also be ordering some nice race day shirts from Fleet Feet Sports. We should have some size runs for you to try on by next Wednesday so keep an eye out for those. Our goal is to get both the tanks and the shirts in as soon as possible so we can have them screen printed and ready for those running in the Tom King race in March and the Country Music Marathon in April.


Thought of the week

My thought of the week is actually a request. It is a simple one really. Please bring some dry clothes for after the run tomorrow night and join us down at 3 crow bar for some socializing. We have several new East Nasties that have joined the ranks over the past couple of months. A great way to get to meet some of our newbies is after the run. So again plan on hanging around tomorrow night and heading down the hill to 3 crow. There was a time when there was only about 15 East Nasties - now we have hundreds who come out and join us each week. One of the best things about our group is how open and friendly we are to everyone. So again my request is to just keep the East Nasty love going. Get out there and introduce yourself to some new people tomorrow night pre run then come down to 3 crow and chat it up with us post run. Ok that is enough. Let me wrap this post up before I start crying tears of joy all over this keypad.

East Nasty for LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!