January 19th Run

Hello everybody - all signs indicate that the weather should be clear for an East Nasty Wednesday run so we hope to see you out there. We will be running route #3 so go ahead and click on the link and check out the route.

Just a few announcements for this week.
Hoodies - we still have a couple left that are for sale to whoever wants one. We have a large, a xtra large and a 2xtra large left.
East Nasty Training Logs - we still also have several training logs left for sale. They turned out great - not only are they 100% designed by east nasties they are also perfect for recording any and all things involving your runs.
Coach to 5k group - our new couch to 5k training program is off to a great start. We had to have a few cancellations due to the weather last week but they are back into the swing of things this week. Please remember to introduce yourself to the new faces out there on Wednesday night and thank them for joining our club. East Nasty always has been and always will be a very open/welcoming group. Please do the best you can the spread the east nasty love to our rookies.
Thought of the week - this past weekend I was in Little Rock, Arkansas at a RRCA running coaches certification class and it was awesome. I learned a lot of information in a pretty small amount of time. I will be blogging about it to you nasties for many weeks to come so please hold your excitement. The lady teaching the class has been a running coach for over 30 years and she was great. One thing she said on several occasions was that if you run on a regular basis and especially if you are training for any kind of race then getting plenty of sleep is critical. Your body heals the most when you are sleeping. She also mentioned that taking aspirin or ibuprofen when you are sore from running is not good for your body because it numbs your bodies ability to naturally heal itself. Also taking pain relief medications can damage the walls in your liver. Aside from taking aspirin for the occasional headache try to avoid numbing your body every time you have some pain or soreness. Just some food for thought  :-)
See you tomorrow at 11th and Holly  ---- ENFL !!!!!!!!
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