October 20...

Saturday This Saturday, October 23rd - our good friends at Lululemon are having a grand opening celebration for their new store in Green Hills.  There will be lots of fun and free stuff throughout the day.  Here we go (everything is at the store which is located near Whole Foods - whatever that shopping center is called...):

8 a.m.  :  4 mile run

9 a.m. : Free Yoga

10 - 12:  Brunch from Loveless Cafe/ Coffee from Drew's Brews

12 - 4: Store open / demos

4 - 8: Prince's Hot Chicken, Yazoo Beer, Live Music & Pied Piper Ice Cream

Boy they know how to throw a party, and support the local community!  Drew's brews - East nashville coffee, Loveless Cafe - classic Nashville, Prince's Hot Chicken - Hot chicken from Dickerson road -(it burns going in and going out if you know what I mean...), Pied Piper - East Nashville ice cream (located right next to our Wednesday starting location), and of course Yazoo.   So lace up your shoes and begin your day in Green Hills with a run, some yoga and brunch!



This week we're on run #3, and in order to spread out the start of the run, we have changed the corrals.  The four pace groups will be

1) sub - 8 minutes/mile

2) 8 - 9 minutes/ mile

3) 9 - 10 minutes/mile

4) 10+ minutes/mile

This separation will make our first group a little bit larger, but will thin out our middle groups a bit...


Our fall shirts are in, and they are fantastic!  Please bring $40 this week.  If you did not order one, we will start selling them next week.


Two words: reflective gear.  It's easy to feel that a large group of runners is invincible, and while there is safety in numbers, we need to keep safety our first priority.  Especially since sunset is at about 6:00... Just be smart - don't put yourself or your fellow runner in danger.

See you tomorrow...


PS  Be sure that you check out the link to Prince's.  Pretty cool video