August 25

The exciting "how to get involved" post is going to have to wait until next week, because it's Tuesday night, school has started and I'm just out of time...

SO....just come and join us for run #8 (Rick's Market, coldest beer in town) on Wednesday night - and since the weather is cooling down, join us for some patio time at 3 Crow.  If you are new, check out the "Wednesday Night Runs" page and join us!

ALSO... this Sunday is our last trail run for the summer!  This week is going to be a road trip to Long Hunter State Park.  (It's only about 20 miles from downtown, but we're still going to call it a road trip...)  These are flat, runnable trails, and there will be 4, 10 and 15 mile options.  Check the blog on Friday for more details.

See you tomorrow!