Tomato Festival 5k

It's here....the Tomato Fest 5k.

Wednesday is going to be hot.  But there are several important things that we are doing this week.  So even if you run earlier in the morning, please come by to join us in steps 2 and 3. (Alley clean-up and shirt pick-up)

1) Running the course

The 5k course has been changed.  To get a feel of the new layout, we will jog the course on Wednesday night.  Here is a link to the google map of the course, where you can check out the elevation change by clicking on the upward-arrow thing.

2) Alley Clean Up

We need everyone to stick around after the run for 20-30 minutes.  And if you don't come to the run, please come by at about 6:45 to join the clean up efforts.  We are going to blanket the course with East Nasties to pick up trash.  You don't need to bring anything: we have trash bags and gloves and we'll send you out in groups of 2 or 3 (which is a great chance to get to know a fellow East Nasty...)  Please make this a priority!  Remember our vision is to make East Nashville a great place to live and run, and efforts like this are where the rubber meets the road...

3) Shirts are in!

Duane-o has done it again: he's created a fantastic shirt design, featuring a unique Tomato Fest 2010 design on the back.   Shirts are $25, and here are the two important details: (1) pick up your shirt on Wednesday (2) wear your shirt on Saturday!

Bottom line: even if it is too hot for you to run, please come and join us for the alley clean up, and then pick up your shirt.  If you definitely cannot make it on Wednesday, but ordered a shirt - email Drew to make other arrangements.   You can even pick it up the morning of the race.

See you on Wednesday and Saturday morning!


PS: Encourage the couch to 5kers when you see them this Wednesday and Saturday.  They have worked hard and are reaping the benefits of 8 weeks of training.  They will be running in the red East Nasty shirts...