July 28...

August 14, Tomato Fest 5k

If you have done the Tomato Fest for several years, you may notice that the course is a little bit different.  We'll run the course together on August 11, but I wanted to let everyone see the changes.

Clean East

"Most importantly, we love our neighborhood and strive to be involved in making it a great place to live and run."

That quote is part of the vision of East Nasty: to make East Nashville the best neighborhood in Nashville.  Clean East is an organization that shares our vision. So on August 11, we are going to team up with Clean East to do a little course clean up.   After we complete our Wednesday run, we're going to take about 20 minutes of our post-run time  to do a quick alley clean up.  Which gives you plenty of time to enjoy 3 Crow!  Stay tuned for more details...

Run #5. This week, we are on run #5, by far our most popular.  It's basically a giant rectangle that takes us over the pedestrian bridge, up first (or third) avenue and back over on the Woodland street bridge.  (What we actually run is a little bit different from the map...)  You'll have to wait 12 more weeks if you miss this foray into downtown!

Women's Half Marathon

Remember, if you want to join the East Nasty Women's Half team - you need to send Heidi an email ASAP.   hphuerta@gmail.com.

Shoe Program

Remember East Nasty is still taking in your old shoes.  If you are trading in those old trainers, or those racing flats that you never use - bring them to a Wednesday night run.  We clean them up and find them good homes.  In fact, we will be heading to the local schools in early fall / late summer, so now is a great time to bring them in.

See you on Wednesday, rain or shine.